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Murdoc's back, and he's really thirsty.

So hide your kids, here he comes.

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The Murdoc Community
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Sit down you twit. Hello and welcome to the baddest community on the planet. Yeeeeah.
It's community for Murdoc Nicalls. That's right. Murdoc Nicalls of Gorillaz.
So are you going to sit there like a bum or join?


Well then sod, you've decided to look into this community eh?. This is a community for Murdoc. What's there more to say?
If you're even looking at this you should know who he is.
In case you don't, here's a picture.
If it's not enough, look him up you dullard.

Ah yes, anyway. On with the community. This is for everything and anything Murdoc. Pictures, news, interviews, icons, banners, wallpapers. Anything! Post it here.
Make some Murdoc-loving friends.


Even though this is something that Murdoc wouldn't like we do need some minor rules.

1.) Advertising for other communties is welcome, but it has to be on a related subject to this community, if not, ill have to delete it.
2.) Don't type like you're two. (Ex: HeYz GuYz I *LuuUv* MUrDoC!!! LOLzz!1!!) It just gets on my nerves.
3.) No. Useless. Posts. Please. Nothing like "Hey, I love Murdoc! He's teh awesome!" Yes, we all know that. Don't make a whole post about it. Please.
4.) Stay on topic please. Kinda goes with rule number 3 but, just stay on the topic of Murdoc, Gorillaz, and stuff like that.

And that's all the rules. Please follow them.

Your mod/owner is Lauren.
She's good. You should obey her. Thanks.

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